2008 Problems

my friend has a 2008 yz450f that he has recently overfilled with out by about 2 quarts... now the bike will not stop smoking...

any ideas on what happened?

and does the 2008 get a new clutch part number or is it the same clutch as the 2007s? ive tried local stores and nobody knows

He overfilled it by 2 quarts:eek: ? Prolly blew some rings if thats the case...

Ok, I just have to ask, how do you over fill it by 2 whole quarts????

It's easy. You put a quart in, and it doesn't show on the dip stick because you didn't run the engine, so you put in another one, and so on.

When you do that to an engine, then run it, so much oil is thrown on the cylinder that the rings are overwhelmed. In addition, because there is so much oil in th eengine, it doesn't drain back from the top end correctly, either, and the valve seals are also overwhelmed. So now, he has pumped his entire exhaust system full of oil (it's oily at the tail pipe, isn't it?), and it will take some time to clear out completely. But it should, and the engine is more than likely just fine.

yeah he had oil on the tail pipe just slightly...

he didnt know about the oil drain on the lower left side of the engine and overfilled... he is not mechanically inclined..

so would you go and redo the rings or should they clear up fine?

Just get the oil level corrected and run it. It should clear out in about an hour.

and consider repacking the exhaust packing very soon

no harm to the engine for sure, just like the guys said, get the level back right and rip. The packing will eventually dry out as well.

thanks for the help everyone

the exhaust still smokes slightly but it has minimized greatly

he has now developed a bog when coming off idle he says but glad to hear that there is no permanent or severe damage...

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