first ride on my WP Factory Racing suspension: 2006 WR450F

made a post in the suspension forum... thought some of you might be interested in the first couple pics of my WP suspension setup on the WR450F..

gonna take the bike apart again to do other maintenance on the bike before final installation of the suspension but tested it for fit and its all good so far...

will leave the MX setup for now and change to enduro valving later... will change to TRAX shock later as well...


UPDATE: finally had time to rip for 2 hours on Friday and I couldn't get the smile off my face... gonna need to adjust the low speed damping and compression but the high speed was amazing... even with the MX valving these forks were a dream to ride... can't wait to change it up later to enduro valving... only problem now is that when I crash its gonna hurt...

looks cool, you could have gave her a wash though :thumbsup:

looks cool, you could have gave her a wash though ;)

:ride: its clean now!

you got an extra 10 pounds in mud on that bike haha

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