pipe inbound, what about the jets

hey guys

I am fitting a new bills muffler to my australian 2000 wr 400. I am bk modded, box lid off, and running a 160 mj,42 pj,obeln clip 3, 75 paj and 200 maj as recommended by the gurus around here. Cosidering the stock exhaust,it is going like the clappers to say the least, excellent throttle response and a wheelie monster, always starts 1st or 2nd kick.

Can anyone recommemd a good starting point with the jetting going from the athsmatic, stock boat anchor, muffler to a performance pipe.

Any guidance from taffy or jd would help heaps.

thanks in advance


Read "Jetting Q s" but from the sounds of the performance of your bike it doesn't need any tinkering.

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