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OT- A Heads Up for Some of the Kids in Here

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This Story has nothing to do with motorcycles outside of the fact I was on one.

Check it out.

I'm getting on one of our VERY busy freeways during commute hours (680 SB Walnut Creek for those who know the area) when I pull in behind a California Highway Patrolman on a BMW (I'm on my bike too). So I stay behind him for a while and when traffic slow down enough we both start white lining (splitting lanes) We are doing this for about a mile with him about 2 cars ahead of me. When he all of a sudden slows down and starts looking around. Then he speeds up quickly, pulls in behind a car with a couple of 20ish kids in it and hits his lights. So as they start moving towards the shoulder I start passing them and it turns out that they where burning some pot (can't miss that smell) in traffic with, I'm sure, no idea that they could get caught.

I talked to a cop friend of mine about this and it turns out that this is a DUI for the driver of this car and not as funny as I first thought it was. OUCH, That'll cost em.

This after work ritual has been around since I was a kid and as such I thought a heads up was in order.

Learning from other people's mistakes is a critical part of growing up. IMHO

Those sensitive to this kind of post should just look at it as a warning to some in here and not an endorsement by me or my 21ish son or my 18ish daughter.

Lotsa disclaimers there!

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I've been to folks houses to tell them their child is dead. One of the most common causes is pot. You want to smoke it fine just keep your tail off of your bike. I'm sick of getting my face beat in by someones mom cause there reason for living no longer is. I ain't preaching, but death is the end of your riding for sure. George ๐Ÿ™‚:D :D

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I am sorry you have had to go through that. I am curious though, you say that the most common cause is pot. Can you elaborate on your findings? What led/leads you to believe this is the reason? I, am in no way, condoning pot but am curious as to how you came to your conclusion.

I also have a problem with media reporting POT is a gateway drug. I have doubts to this as well. I would almost bet my bike that for most of the people that say POT was a gateway drug more than likely drank alcohol first. Just my observation and opinion.


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ok can we nip this one in the bud, nothing personal George but pot does not kill

people, it helps thousands of people a day with medical problems. I agree with you

its a bad excuse to use pot when your bored, but in moderation and with common sense

pot will never kill anyone... Im glad I live in California, at least the general population

had the balls to vote yes...

Those new comercials make me sick, the government and their ad agencies are

flat out lying to america...

Off the soap box, lets keep this to bikes, some people feel so strongly about

certain political issues that they will defend them forever or untill Wild whips

us into submission.

I would agree that if you smoke it everyday in large amounts you will get lung

cancer and die. But in moderation you can smoke it and remain healthy, focused,

in control (much more then a drunk) and you can hold down a job, graduate

from college, etc etc...

When they took away the Canadian snowboarders metal and gave it back because

they thought it was not performance enhancing, I was like what... In certain situations

it has been proven to be a good focusing agent and I would argue that it probably

did enhance his short term mental ability for the task he had at hand.

BTW, I have been smoking it on & off since 8th grade and I have a good job, Im sane,

never killed anyone, never sold it to Jenny, never did a drive by, etc etc...

Im not trying to dimminish your post Geroge, but I would argue that it was not pot,

but some stupid kid doing something they shouldnt have regardless of the pot.

Im in now way condoning the use of pot by anyone under the age of 18, but when

you become an adult, start making your own choices. I know there are so called pot heads

that will smoke and smoke and never accomplish anything in life, but they could do

the same thing with alchohol, back pills, or television. Sorry to rant, but those new

commercials are driving me crazy, they are outright lying...

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I used to work a "hype car", a unit that targets heroin users and tweakers(meth users). When arrested, we would ask the hypes what drug they first used. 99% said alcohol, but that is not an acceptable answer as alcohol is legal. When told to pick another answer, they would usually say,"I guess it was pot then." I'm not condoning pot use, but if you would have bet me back in '73 that it would still be illegal, I would have sure bet against you. Pot smokers are usually arrested for possession of their pot, tweakers and hypes for robberies and thefts. We could target alot more serious crimes if pot was legal, treated as alcohol. Man, even O'Reilley from the O'Reilley Factor says pot is no big deal anymore.

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I guess things have changed since I was a kid, but I have never been arrested

for any drug related activity, and Id like to see the numbers on actual DUI convictions

that were pot related. Now you have license restrictions, etc, etc Not that some

of this policing is bad and might keep some kids away from it.

I dont think I would want my children smoking it or anything for that matter,

but I would worry more about cigarretts for them then pot, those kill far too

many people per year. I dont think I would even want them to drink either.

Either way I would not lie to them or try and scare them into any behavior.

People choose their paths in life regardless of drugs, if you are weak minded

and have no will or control of your own you will be run down in life, this is

evolution albeit a much more refined version.

If it takes this lesson for a kid to learn smoking in public isnt quite cool yet,

then I guess thats what the law wants. The last time I remember having

pot & meeting law enforcement was 1986, I was 20, they made us dump out

our 12 pack, took our pot, and made me throw my pipe in the river...

I guess the same 20 year olds today are facing much harsher penalty, but

that is a shame IMO.

I still think alot of law is left to the hands of the individual officer

on the street, some are good, some have problems with certain things,

wheelies, pot smokers, drunks, whatever.

I admire cops that go into harms way, that "hype car" duty does not sound

like fun to me, neither would gang patrol. But lumping pot into the other

groups just really pisses me off because its total propaganda...

The newest pot laws in Califiornia, Arizona, and was hoping for Nevada, but I guess

the prostitutes and Casino owners could not handle medical marijuana. I have heard

places in Canada have become more like Amsterdam, more power to them.

This is the biggest test of State vs Federal for some time, hopefully California wins

the fight in the end and more states come into line, then maybe we can start producing

hemp and develop it into better rope and fuel for our bikes...

Its one of those topics like the death penalty or religion, I can write all day about

all 3, but its off track and I wont change the way people think.

But then Ive already said too much... ๐Ÿ™‚

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ok I'm 18 and i know kids that smoke pot younger than me older than me and drink and smoke cigaretts i cant see how they can justify WASTING THERE MONEY on this shi**

i have drunk socially and had the occasionaly cigarette but didnt really smoke it coz they taste like sh** for one reason! so does 90% of all alchol its an aqurired taste one that i dont want to have

now that i have turned 18 and any fun that woulda been in it has definatley gone so being an "adult" and i use that term loosely i'm gunna be "strong minded" and not drink again or smoke

seeing as i have not got a taste for them its not gunna be hard except for the pressure from others to "fit in" which is the hardest coz people hate it when someones isnt drinking with them so to sumurise

alchol gets u drunk sure thats fine u act like a dickhead then wake up next day feeling like sh**

great i really have 40$+ spare dollars to spend on that to fel like that and maybe do sumthin i regret

now as for pot that sh** cost even more than booze and i dont see the benefits of using it at all

any one that needs to use drugs as a recreation is a loser if they cant have fun straight as far as i'm concerned (more money that could be spent on DRZ)

As for ciggarets be f*** if i gonna spend my HARD EARNED cash on smoke and tar that clogs up my lungs gives me cancer bad breath and a genral bad odur if for no other reason MONEY it seems to be most ppls motivation for everything even if the health stuff dosnt any way thats just my thoughts

anyone want to disagree go ahead. Lester

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As an ex addict and alcoholic, I can attest that Pot led me to bigger things. What I say is this for me, I have a addictive nature, I am saying that pot was the catalyst for me to jump into other items. If pot was not around what would have it been, I don't know. My first drink was a 9, My first smoke was at 12 I was a drunk by 15, and fully into the drug cultur by 17.

It is true I drank first then got into dope. What I don't know is if pot was not there would it had led to acid, meth, mushroom's and coke, I don't know.

I have been clean since I was 25, 20 years now. I have an occasional beer, Maybe one every 5 years ๐Ÿ™‚. So my experience is from that only what I lived through and what I console guys like me on.

As far as the Dope = medical treatment, I agree with that to an extent. If you are speaking purely on the legalize pot crowd your dead wrong, these people are only interested in getting dope legalized for profit. If you look at who is sponcering this and the dope houses in Calif, these guys are simply doppers and nothing more. These people are the growers. they have no interest in anything but profit.

The argument for medical treatment is valid. I watched my Mom die from pancreatic cancer, could the medical extract from pot "THC" helped here with the appetite and nausea, yes I believe it could have. The pain she was in was taken care of by extreme narcotics, Oxycotin, and Morphine liquid, this is medical proof that opium is a helpful drug if used correctly and for the correct purpose. Morphine, Oxycotin all are derived from Opium.

No sense arguing with me on this unless you are well versed as I on it. I have been reading and studying this for 20 years. It is almost a phenomena

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I think Goerge was talking about riding stoned. If that is the case, then I can totally see where he's coming from. Riding off road stoned is a stupid thing to do on a dirtbike that has a lot of power. Driving a car is one thing, but on a dirtbike it's crazy. Too many variables to have to think through too quickly on a dirtbike. Believe me, I've done lot's of things stoned, and riding a dirtbike is definately one of the scariest.


Ditto. You sound like a carbon copy of myself.

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Good points EGO.

I too had my share of problems with abuse and like you growing up in the late 60's/early 70's drugs where everywhere and acceptable.

I do however disagree about who is sponsoring the legalization effort.

The growers and sellers of pot can sell it for the prices they do because they are taking a huge risk selling it.

If it were legal they'd lose most of their profit because the price would certainly go down.

I think the legalization effort is led by people who don't think smoking socially is a crime any more than drinking socially is.


The problem with legalizing it is that it'll send the wrong message about drug use. The other problem with legalizing it is that the tests available to detect pot will show use in the last 30 days or so. So anyone whose smoked in the last 30 day could conceivably get a DUI even though they aren't stoned at this time.

The real reason the government won't legalize it is that they can't figure out a way to tax it. It's just too easy to grow.

Just my opinion.

I should add that I'm as straight as can be and have been for a couple decades.

BTW- This discussion was not my intention when I posted the original story. It was just meant to be a heads-up.

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After reading many post and replies from george benze,i find it hard to believe this man is completly truthful.Seems as if he has done or seen or knows someone that has " been there done that " I think the man has a screw loose.


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