gasoline in oil

I just changed the oil on my 2000 wr400 and found what looked and smelled to be gasoline in the old oil. I changed the oil and checked the new oil still smells like gas any ideas ?

Your little boy and his friends playing, moto man on the bike and twisting the throttle alot?

The accellerator pump does squirt out a lot of gas. Just a guess. Never had any similar problem with my 2000

Hey I really flooded the sh&t out of it about a week before I changed oil could that be it or are you messing with me.

Joe: Back up for a minute. John made a good point. If the throttle was twisted several times, gas could have seeped past the rings and gave that gas odor. However, if you closed the petcock valve, then the throttle twisting should have only squirted gas for a relatively short while...depends upon whether you shut off that valve and then run the engine for a bit...etc..... get my drift? Gas odor in the drained engine oil is NOT all that unusual. Think for a minute how it might have gotten there. I've never done this but, take your drained oil out to your driveway and hold a lighted butane lighter just above the liquid and see if it ignites. If you have enough gas vapor to ignite, you have a problem. I'd look for worn piston rings at this point.

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