Dented YZ exhaust

The bottom side of my ’99 YZ400 exhaust is getting some major dents. :)

Does anyone know of a source for the canister part of the stock YZ400 or 426 exhaust?

The oval cross section is exactly the same as a White bros E-series. Maybe you can buy one from them?

If you do find out someone who sells that cross section extrusion by the foot, please post a topic or send me a PM as I am looking for a 500mm length.


Thanks for the info. I'll check with White Bros.

Just a question here, don't take it personally...

Your signature indicates a 2002 WR426. Do you have the exhaust from a 99 YZF on this bike?

The YZF canisters come stock with the custom "dent" to avoid hitting the brake caliper. Could you be talking about this?

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Quote from thermoprene's website

"Thermoprene is a custom manufacturer.

We do not offer "stock" products.

Our minimum order is 2,000 linear feet of material"

So.....I need 2ft, TK421 needs 1ft 6inch

we need to do a survey to see if we can shift the remaining 1996ft 6inch. Possible TT bulk buy LOL

Seriously there has got to be someone who stocks this stuff, cos White Bros buy it from somewhere?


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