Latest WR450 Delivery news.

I'm located in Michigan, and my dealer just called and said he was sending me a copy of a letter his dealership had received. It stated their scheduled delivery (WR450) for December would now be January. If the letter gives any more information, I'll post again.

thanx for the info !! any news regarding when the WR450f's will be delivered is greatly appreciated !! everyone is waiting impatiently for that phone call saying your BIKE is in !!

I had my dealer call the California warehouse this past week (thursday) and he was told that they have not received any of them into port as of yet. The reason for the delay was not given to him at that time. I guess we are stuck being patient for awhile longer.



Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... oh well, to cold to ride now anyway, keep us posted , jim. :)

My dealer got the same letter. January with no specifics.

My dealer got the same letter. January with no specifics.


i'm in australia and they tell me april it will arive in aus

wr450f to kick #@$*! :)

Just be glad you dont live in the UK having ordered yourself a brand spanking new 2003 Saab, BMW or Volvo. About 2500 "luxury cars" are gathering seaweed on the bottom of the English channel after a collision with another container ship !! Quit moaning! :)

To cold? not out here, just a little rain to quiet the summer dust!! Ya-hoo!! Roost on!

Bugger !!!!

I'm in NZ and the local Yamaha dealers are still saying delivery for us in NZ in Jan .... :)

Good for me, bad for you ... :D

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