wr 400 other problems

Its me again. picking up my 2000 WR400 in a few days. I have seen here in the postings problems with starting this bike. Is it a concern or just a learning how to start it thing. Any other problems you guys know of with these bikes? For $700 more there is a 2001 drz400, electric start and tricked out to the 9's(pipe, front shocks, bars, carb, rims and wheels, barely riden as well, both are mint. what do ya think.

What do you intend to do with it? The WR has more power and off-road ability but the drz has the advantage of e-start. More user-friendly, but less capable IF you are an experienced and demanding rider. Is the drz street-legal? How about the WR? Does it matter to you?

I have never ridden a drz400 but I have a dr650 and a wr. I understand the 'zuki 400 is much more capable than the 650 (couldn't BE any worse) but I must confess the dr is darned dependable, though I will never buy another one due to its weight, low power, high internal gearing, etc. It is a sheep. BaAAA! but it is useful: Slung my nephew's deer across it yesterday and saved a helluva lot of hard uphill dragging. Poor man's 4-wheeler/2 ? :D Kinda sucked when the rear wheel sucked the legs up into the frame though... :)

I would not trade my WR 400 for an e-start DRZ ,ever.

Once you get the drill it's easy. Just try not to be in a hurry.

Mine starts first or second kick, hot or cold. Put in gas and go, a great bike. If mine had E start I would take it off to save the weight.

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