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Saturdays Ride Story

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Should change my name to the lone ranger since I ride so much alone. Tomorrow is supposed to be the start of bad weather so I decided to play today.

Loaded up the bike and headed west to the town of LOMA near the Colorado, Utah border.

Not having been there before and nearly freezing my butt off on last Saturdays adventure I made sure I was dressed warm and took off across the highway and headed east on S Road to the bookcliffs area of the mountains. It was about 10 miles of boring gravel road until I got to the canyon.

There was a nice parking area and a BLM sign with a nice big Map so you new exactly where you were.

I decided to check out a long dead end trail that was marked on the map. Munger Creek I think it is called. When I got to the trail head there was a closed gate and a sign that said it was closed from December 1 through May 1.

The next trail was to far up and I figured it was closed also. So I turned around and headed back the way I came.

I took a few jeep road turn offs but they always came back to the main road. Looks like a good place to shoot prairie dogs by the looks of it, that may be why I didn't see any? Unless they hibernate in the winter?

I was kinda bummed and my but was numb by the time I got back to the highway near the truck.

There was another road there going towards the Highline Recreation area so I got on that to check it out as long as I was there exploring for the first time.

That's when I spotted this single track crossing the road. Ah, Ha I said to my self. I new there should be something out here. I got on it and followed it right by my truck. Wouldn't you know it? :D I started my venture going the wrong way.

Anyway, I stayed on that single track course and had a absolute ball. It had every kind of terrain you could think of.

I think it must have been a race course or something. It went up and down through dry creek beds and sandy washers. Across fields and down sections of road. It even had some of those high razor back hills that are common in the area.

I was grinning and talking to myself the whole time. It sure would have been fun to have a few others along. At one point it went down into a ditch and you had to cross under the highway through this big 6ft drain tube. Fun stuff! All of it. Lots of variety and a great sunny day. But still nice and cool. About 45 degrees. I new I was overdressed now and was sweating like a pig. A great work out. My goggles even started to fog up in some slow sections so I finally just took them off and shoved them down the front of my jacket.

I figure it took me a couple hours to do that loop maybe more. Standing up hauling butt most of the time. Funny thing was it crossed the dirt road I had been down earlier but I never noticed at 60 MPH. :D Was right there all the time. So many bushes and stuff it blended right in. Definitely not overused.

I love that kind of single track and so does the DRZ 400. If I do much more of that kind of ridding I might consider having the suspension upgraded. But as it is, it worked real good and gave the old legs a work out. I had to shift the truck into neutral at a stop light on the way home cause my leg was shaken. That's what I call a good ride. Best of all I never fell down ounce Honest! 🙂

Well, I could hardly wait to get home and tell you all about it. I know that the weather isn't that great in some area's so I have to work extra hard to lay down some tracks and keep these trails open.

Maybe tomorrow I will start my Christmas shopping. Then again maybe not :-)

Ride On!


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Hey George how ya feeling?

It was a good ride. Reminded me of the old days at Rampart. That was sure something to see and do the first few times. I used to come up waterton canyon and ride a few trails. Then have lunch at the sprucewood and hit trail 10 and head back down waterton canyon.

It is fun ridding a favorite spot like PMI but it is fun to finding new places to.

The first time I went to PMI in my dune buggy I about road off the cliffs at the resevoir overlook. That was exciting!

Get better soon George

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