Another WR450 ?

Hi guys, I got the chance to take my newtome 05 for a shakedown cruise yesterday. The guy who had the bike before me put on a new graphic pack,and he screwed it up on the right side number plate.There is a big wrinkle on there,any ideas on how to get it out? I was going to get new graphics in the near future anyway,but I want it to look good until I get some dough. I know she is clean in the pics after that ride,there aint no mud down here,drought dont ya know.:thumbsup: Damn I hate dust. She made a fair amount of top end noise,but having read the posts here I'm not that concerned. I rode some real tight woods trails and it turned like a champ. The tires are dry rotted a fair amount,and are cracking. Tire recommendations for SC hardpack,with occasional mud? Also I was riding slow a good amount to see if she would get hot,she didnt. Over all it was a good day until my drunk brother grabbed the exhaust to prove it wasnt hot.He wont be doing that again (I wouldnt let him ride it). Thanks guys!:thumbsup:

Those graphics are nice. regarding the wrinkle. Get yourself a heat gun from the hardware store. Put it on the low setting and warm up the graphics. You can then peel them back and reapply them. Keep them slightly warm, but not hot when you do it. They will stretch if they get too hot.

Personally, I have never had much luck with the rear side graphics. That part of my bike takes the most abuse when I fall. If only I could stop falling...

Thanks I will try that,I havent dumped it yet...yet! lol:rant:

Pipes get hot?

Apparently Budweiser reduces the heat generated by a four stroke exhaust pipe by a factor of 5....who knew?:thumbsup:

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