JD kit low end help

Just put up a couple of posts praising the JD kit for my '03. Ran great on my test ride but did no low speed stuff. Yesterday I found my low end hesitation is not gone. Tunned with my Zip Ty screw almost the whole ride to no avail, rich and lean did not cure. Even unplugged my TPS with no change. :thumbsup: Setup is as follows as per JD instructions: 170main 45pilot Blue needle on 3rd and I used the thick o-ring. Temps here are 80-55 and altitude is 0-500 feet. Any suggestion are appreciated.

What leak jet is in the bike? did you adjust the AP timing so the squirt misses the slide?

Try the red needle 5th clip position

In the instruction for my 07 it says to run the red needle in the 4th clip position with the 168 main jet for 0-4000' Theye suggest running the blue needle at colder temperature <50. Says the blue needle evenly richens the lower half of the throttle range.

I don't know what the difference's are between the 03 and 07, but maybe you could try switching to the red needle.:thumbsup:

All good stuff I've studied the jet guide and thought the leak (which is stock 70) or the red needle will be the next to try. I did pull carb apart to verify my pilot size which I did find to be a 48. Maybe I'll try a 45 pilot first.

Not sure if I made clear in first post stumbling/ missing condition is at low throttle 0-1/8 maybe even 1/4 and is the worst at even throttle speeds. Runs great everywhere else. I think everyone knew this already, thanks to all for the help.:thumbsup:

low end stumble sounds like the pilot jet and leak jet. 45 pilot should work, and swapping the leak jet for a 40 was great for my '05 and my lady's 250.

let us know if it works out.

Hey, Had some similar problems and I have some combinations of and explanations of what I did. It tells my altitude and weather and what I came up with. Not perfectly satisfied yet but you can follow my threads and see what I did. Jason

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