new to this and need some advice

Need some advice....I have a 2003 ttr125, great shape and it's for my 12 yr old, 5'7", 170 lbs, no expereince. He fell over just picking up my XR200 so I thought this would be a good learner. The price and circumstances were right to buy it. Can the wheels be upsized next year as he grows ?

Also, my 14 year old, ridden one time, 5'11", 160 pounds and not overly aggressive. I would like to stay with the four strokes, under $2k. The TTR is way too small for his leg length and the XR is too heavy. Suggestions ? Mostly will be trail riding. I have a chance to buy a TTR 250, year is 2000...... and the guy wants me tio make an offer(it's clean) but I think it's too big for a beginner. :excuseme: Thanks for your help.

There are two versions of the TTR with a small and large wheel version. It is difficult to upgrade to the large wheel if it is a small wheel model due to changes that need to be made to the swingarm. Check out the TTR section and do a search as some have done the conversion and it should provide more details.

For your 14 year old, he is a big kid height wise and should be able to handle a larger bike. If you have no plans to MX it, then the CRF 250X should be okay. The CRF150F will likely be too small and the 150R is a race bike and likely to small. The other option is the CRF230F. I don't know what year and how heavy your XR is but at 5'11" a 230 or 250 should not be too big.

okay, I have to say I'm smaller than your strapping boys and I can pick up my bike without fallling over(unless I'm tangled in poison oak), and I'm a girl, well a mom(is that worse?:thumbsup: hope you know I'm just doing the friendly ribbing)...but really, your kids ARE big enough to handle your xr. Borrow a little bike if you can to let them learn controls and throttle control, but the xr is sucha puppy, they'll step up quick. IF they stay on a bike too small for them they will learn awful bad habits they'll have to work hard to overcome.

Now should I say my 100# 5' 6" 14 year old can pick(flick) up his 200? Especially for teenage boys, it doesn't take a lot of extra effort working out to be able to pick up a bike. Besides what better inspiration to get in better shape??!! (we've always said they have to be able to pick up their own bikes or they dont' ride)

Have fun!!!!

oops I reread and see you already have a ttr125--really, bump him up to a bigger better fitting bike asap(unless he isn't obsessive about riding, which is okay too, I mean the point is to ride together)

Umm illed say

a crf230 for the 12year old

Thanks for the input. I appreciate your time. Any specific thoughts on the TTR 225 ? It seems like there are a few of those for sale nearby and they are reasonable. I'm trying to get all three of us outfitted, gear, bikes and trailer and it's starting to add up. I found a very clean 2001 225 for $1250.00. Is it a reliable bike in your opinion ?

ttr 230 is a great choice. im 13 and 5.6 and i ride my ttr 230 in all sorts of trails. steep uphills, technical trails, fast trails with jumps, sand and my ttr gets me through anything smooth easy to use power but once u start revin it the bike WILL take off on you.

this bike aimed a intermediate riders

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