A Ride Up To Lake Isabella

Great Ride today! Started at 07:00 Sunday in Bakersfield and rode up 178 through the canyon and had breakfast in Wofford Heights. After breakfast we stopped in at the US Forest Service office and found out about the Keysville Trails. They were pretty mellow to start but when we made it down to the Kern River it looked as though we would not get across. After running into a guy in a FWD we got a few directions and found our way out. This took us through some pretty techical stuff but it was amazing and we had a blast. We will be hitting these trails again soon. Total trip was about 150 miles.









Cool pics! :thumbsup: Any rain? dusty? What trails did you guys ride? :thumbsup:

Actually very little dust. Not too hot either. We had nice cloud cover but no rain. We want to meet up with you and ride KM. Your Ride report and pics were way cool. I was also suprised at how well the stock tires did even in the sand. They are manageable for the time.

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