are rhc heads really good?

I need a complete head for my 08 crf250.The faction retainer broke and caused alot of now im looking for a complete head that i can just bolt on and go and not have to worry about it breaking all the time.and about how much is a rhc head usually cost.thanks

also i like to ride the bike in the upper rpm range so what would be a great setup for my riding far as valve train and i want to keep the stock cam.

Give Jesse Williams a call at Williams Motowerx.

Ron can make you a head setup that will last and perform. His coated ferra valves and spring setup will last you a long time whether they are in his ported head or a stock one. But different valves are not a substitute for bad airfilter maintenance.

But different valves are not a substitute for bad airfilter maintenance./QUOTE].

True that.:thumbsup:

I have a little over 43 hours on my RHC head and and havent touched a thing. I have raced every GNCC so far this year (8 or 9) all at 3hrs. each. I dont run on the rev limiter but in field sections and hill climbs I'm not afraid to rev it. All valves have stayed in spec and havn't been shimmed and dont look like they are going to for a long time. Running off road where I can't constantly be changing filters between motos Ron suggested I run the stainless valves and i think the 08 R cam to complement the torque of my 302 kit.

Bottom Line.... Very reliable, no complaints at all, did great job cleaning up all carbon and such. Two thumbs up for the RHC head.

I run Reline oil changed every race, every 4-5 hours during practice, and filter every 2-3 changes. Twin Air air filter after every ride, oiled with BelRay and greased seal with BelRay waterproof grease. With this I got two years out of the stock head with ZERO adjustment, and 1-3/4 season on second head before needing a re-shim. Same method on my RHC head too and its working!

ron makes a really good motor. i have his head and cam in my 06 and i love it

Ron does a great job. I have a 07 R head on my 05 with Ron's valves and springs. Some mild porting. The bike keeps on keeping on. Also, he's a VERY, VERY fair person. He's 100% interested in helping his customers and will share with you a wealth of information.

Do it - you'll be glad you did.

Top of the line stuff, no probs with my complete 07 RHC head. Just install and go. If you like to rev it alot, I would get the Titanium intakes, instead of the SS intakes.

were can you get this heads?

Does a bear shit in the woods? Is a frog's azz waterproof?

You get the picture...:thumbsup:

I think they run in the $ 700 neighborhood. He starts with a 2007 R head and puts in his specially coated valves. No better product in that price range.

I like that that . bear thing....

Our CRF is the prof, search for my posts from 2 + years back..

Our CRF and Ron's valves/springs are 2 years old plus. I took off the hour meter at 150+ hours and that was 2 pistons ago.

I have to start paying him dividends since they owe me nothing, If the grenade this weekend Oh well it will be fun, By the way it is 05 head that was the hot set up then,,,

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