Tire Time!

Hi All,

I'm in need of new tires for my bike (1994 DR350SE) and I had a few questions.

I currently have the following:

Front: Cheng Shin C-755 3.25/3.50-21

Rear: Pirelli MT21 130/90-18

I've never bought a set of tires for a bike before so all these sizings are new to me. I did some reading on this site: http://www.webbikeworld.com/Motorcycle-tires/tire-data.htm

and it seems that my Cheng Shin 3.25/3.50 translates into 100/90.

I'm guessing that the -21 and -18 are the respective tire rim sizes?

The 100/90-21 size on the front seems to be a little hard to find.

Would there be any better tire choices that some of you vets can recommend?


The stock front tyre size is 90/90-21 which is equivelant to a 3.5-21. I would not substitute other sizes.

For the rear, 120/90-17 is stock. This is equivelaent to 4.6-17. 130/90-17 (5.1-17) or 130/80-17 are the alternative sizes.

The first number in the metric designation is tyre width in mm, the second is profile (sidewall height) in % of tyre width, and the last is rim width in inches.

Tyre choices... You did not tell us how you intend to use them, but I'll assume knobbies going by your post.

Dunlop 606 - rear is 130/90 only... Very poular choice.

Pirelli MT21 - Another popular choice. I have never run them myself but many rate them above the 606. If you are happy with the MT-21, then stick with it.

Metzeler Karoo - I like these (and the 606), but at least in my area, they cost more than the others.

There are others but the 606 and MT-21 seem to be the popular (and DR proven) choices.


mefo stone master for rear and pirelli mt44 up front

I run hwys to the desert sites death valley, mtns hard packs, rocks galore, and some sand at times, did much (way too much) on the stock death wings; however, got a great deal on the 50/50's called maxxis 6006...great improvement in front, but not much in rear, waiting for dunlop 606...which are aggressive...those are the ones I want...

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