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Noob needs help purchasing a used 2000 XR650R Supermoto Conversion

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Hi folks,

They say that being honest to yourself is the key to happiness, and in my case that is especially true because honestly I don’t know a thing about XR650s or motorcycle mechanics either, so I am throwing myself at your feet and asking humbly for your help.

Ok, that said, not having ridden ridden in 10 years or so, you guessed it, I want a bike again. I can see that I’m not going to race gixxers around or go touring to the Grand Canyon, so I would basically like a “fun city bike” to haul my 230lb 6’ frame around town, to work, and maybe for 1 hour highway drives once in a while. So I’ve been dreaming of a good bike to do that, and particularly a hooligan bike if possible.

Seemingly my dream has come true as I see a XR650R Supermoto conversion for sale.

Here are the details:

2000 XR 650R

2rd owner, selling it because he is obsessing over a vintage gixxer for the near future.

Never raced, or driven aggressively

Previous owner seemingly babied it riding around in fields and other ilk.

2400 miles, %90 street


Baja Designs conversion kit

SUN wheels

Continental SM 150/17 Rear; 120/17 Front: Street Legal tires

Suspension: Barnum Performance Products: Springs, Valves, Anodized Lowers etc..etc...

Bike has stock Manifold, and White brothers Free Flow Tail section

Buddy pegs

LED underfender light

The bike is registered, no trouble with the DOT.

Photos here:




Asking: $3500.00

Is this a good deal?

Are there some questions I should ask that I haven’t?

The bike is two hours from my house, so I was wondering if it is heard of for me to do something like pay a mechanic in the sellers town to give it an inspection before driving down, under the assumption that I would go ahead and buy it. Are MX bikes easy to tie down? I would have to borrow a pickup or rent a trailer.

This is the first MX bike that I’ve ridden (other than just dogging around in fields), so any other thoughts or advice and comments are welcome.

Thanks so much for your advice guys!

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