2005 crf 450 oil from valve cover hose?

Hey guys I have a 05 450 that pumps oil out of the valve cover breather hose? I have heard it could be a crank seal or a balancer seal putting tranny oil into the motor side. Has anyone ever heard this before,I use the bike for road racing and there is alot of high rpm,extended high speed ridding.Any ideas?????? Thanks...........:thumbsup:

Is your trany oil running low? If not not your rings could be shot. Sound time for a top-end over haul, or crank case seal.

When the fuel mixture ignites, some of the explosion gets past the rings and pressurizes the base of the engine, it's called blow by. All engines have it to some extent. The hose off of the valve cover is a vent hose (pcv) for that pressure. As the pressure from the combustion process moves through that hose, it carries some oil with it. That hose has a "T" in with a hose that runs straight down and has a cap on the end of it. Over time it will fill up with oil. You just pull the little plug in the end of it and drain the oil out. If it is fill up very quickly, then you may have a piston ring problem.

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