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suspension data base.. do we have one just for DRZ's?

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I was looking to see if there was a suspension data base just for the DRZ 400? Something like the jetting data base...If not could we start one... It include riders weight, type of riding, front spring, rear spring, oil weight, fork oil height and clicker settings for comp and reb...

I found the one in the FAQ, but it has a lot of questions and how to... I was thinking just a basic list....

Riding type: woods and some 6 foot high tables

Your weight: 160 w/o gear

Front spring: stock

Rear spring: stock

Sag: 100

Front comp: 6

Front Reb: 12

Rear comp slow: 9

Rear comp fast: 1.25

Rear Reb: 9

Fork oil weight: Belray 5W

Fork oil height: 4.5 inches

How it works: Tried it in the woods today... worked pretty good... somewhat plush on top... little pogo in woops, but bike stayed level and straight.

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Riding type: sand, desert and more sand.

Your weight: 180 to 185 geared up

Front spring: stock

Rear shock: stock

Sag: 95

Front comp: 9

Front Reb: 11

Rear comp slow: 9

Rear comp fast (hi-speed): all the way out (blue nut)

Rear Reb: 14

Fork oil weight: stock

Fork oil height: stock

Edited inital post to change the Rear Rebound. Adjusted it this weekend and went from 9 to 14 clicks out. Made a big difference in two areas. Seemed likes it holds the line through turns alot better and a added benefit is it seems to wheelie better now. Riding my sm convert S in the dirt only lately.

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we need more contributions to this list.

Also people that own a SM... Do you turn your Blue hi speed compression nut all the way out?

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I haven't messed with my suspension yet. I am 6'0 about 165-180 with riding gear on. Have an 05 sm. any suggestions? Most dirt I see is an unpaved road (plan on changing that soon).

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single track,sand






softer E spring



high speed c just about fullsoft

Works pretty well in the tight stuff...way to soft for whoops.

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I'd likwe to contribute to this, but I am still trying to work it out. Suggestions would be appreciated:

2005 SM

Riding type: street

Your weight: 160 w/o gear

Front spring: stock

Rear spring: stock


Front comp:

Front Reb:

Rear comp slow:

Rear comp fast:

Rear Reb:

Fork oil weight:

Fork oil height: How it works: .

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Riding type: woods / Rocks / Roots / and those damn whoops

Your weight: 210

Riding Style/Level: fast intermediate (A/:banghead:

Front spring: Factory Connection .48

Rear spring: Factory Connection 5.6

Sag: 100 mm

Front comp: 12 (Stock 12)

Front Reb: 15 (Stock 15)

Rear comp slow: 14 (Stock 10)

Rear comp fast: 3 (Stock 1.25)

Rear Reb: 11 (Stock 13)

Fork oil weight: stock weight

Fork oil height: stock

How it works: Works really well for the woods....the bike floats over rocks, roots, braking bumps, and ruts....being properly sprung will help in the whoops, but the stock valving gets worked pretty good when in the big whoops. If you like to ride lots of desert with big whoops you might want to look into a revalve.

I recently had my comp settings set pretty stiff and noticed that the bike was not handling well, so I have started to adjust back even softer than stock with good results.......

Having the proper spring in the back will allow proper sag setup and will compliment the handling of the front end.

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riding type ~ gravel , rocks , hills .

weight ~ fat / lazy :banghead:

riding style ~ banzai

fork springs ~ .46 race tech

rear ~ 5.7 race tech

sag ~ 105 mm

f /comp ~ 3 turns in from fully soft

f / rebound ~ stock

rear comp slow ~ 9

rear comp fast ~ stock

rear rebound ~ 11

fork oil ~ 5 wt silkolene .. gold valves

fork oil level ~ 600 ml each leg [ stock 720 mm ]

stock valving ~ rear

the bike is set up for a high level of grip and feel and feed back especially mid turn . i ride on slippery surfaces and it handles and steers very well . there is always room for improvement with suspension so i carry on trying to find more grip and feel . the ohlins damper improves the bikes manners over rocks and has saved my @ss on many occasions !

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Thought I’d post this and try to re kick start the thread.

OK, here’s where we are at the moment:

Me: lardy 250 pounds geared up, about 6 feet, SM street only.

Front tyre Pirelli Diablo Strada 120/ 70/17 @ 26psi.

Rear tyre Pirelli Diablo Strada 150/ 70/17 @ 29psi.

Front suspension:

0.50 springs, 10wt fluid, rebound 10 out, compression 7 out.

Rear suspension:

6.0 spring, race sag 84mm, static sag 18mm, high speed compression ¾ out, low speed compression 5 out, rebound 10 out.

35mm bar risers.

Forks standard height in triple clamps.


I had the race sag at 75mm but the static sag was too low, it felt twitchy in high speed corners and harsh over bumps.

This set up feels neutral and predictable to me, I must stress that what feels right to me may feel god awful to others.

I may drop the tyre pressures a bit but with my weight not too much.

I may raise the forks in the triple clamps a few mm.

I still have thin chicken strips.

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I have an 05 SM

I'm about 230 in my gear.

Pirelli Dragon s/c Pro's

28 front and 26 rear

All the clickers are fully hard. All of em.

Springs are stock and need to be replaced with the proper weight. sag needs to be reduced from what ever it is now.

Tire wear is clear to the edges. Traction is fine.

It completely sucks off road but I rarely go there. I'll be turning all the adjusters out 5 or 6 clicks if I do go off road.

It's a little harsh over square edged potholes.

It's all going down to GP suspension in Portland next month.

I tried running the comp and reb softer but the stability went complerely away...

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Riding type: SoCal desert / SM

Your weight: about 215 geared up

Riding Style/Level: I don't think you could call the way I ride a "style" :worthy:

Front spring: Race Tech .48 kg/mm

Rear spring: Race Tech 5.7 kg/mm

Static Sag: 30mm

Race Sag Haven't measured yet :thumbsup:

Front comp: 10 (Stock 12)

Front Reb: 12 (Stock 15)

Rear comp slow: 10 (Stock 10)

Rear comp fast: 1/16 turn in from full open (Stock 1.25)

Rear Reb: 4 (Stock 13)

Fork oil weight: 7.5 weight

Fork oil height: stock

Works pretty good. Keeps me up through the whoops and the rear stays straight (no swapping). Keep in mind I'm not very fast though. Still get a little dive in the fork. It could really use some valving work to firm things up a bit.

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Riding type: Woods, Rocks, Roots, Tight Trails, Rocks, a little asphalt, oh, and more Rocks

Your weight: 195

Riding Style/Level: Intermediate/B

Front Spring: Race Tech .48 kg/mm

Front Spring Preload: 15mm

Front Fork Valving: Race Tech G2-R (w/ recommended Shim Stack)

Fork Oil Weight: 5 wt. Bel Ray

Fork Oil Height: 120mm

Front Compression: 10 (stock 12 out)

Front Rebound Dampening: 8 (stock 15 out)

Rear Spring: Race Tech 5.7 kg/mm

Static Sag: 37mm

Race Sag 95mm

Rear comp slow: 7 out (Stock 10)

Rear comp fast: 1 turn out (Stock 1.25)

Rear Rebound: 10 (Stock 13)

Rear Shock Valving: Stock (for now)

How does it work: Front setup is awesome. Night and day difference from the stock setup. Rear is now better than stock (due to the use of the correct wt. spring). Compression still feels too soft(spongy). Would definitely benefit from being re-valved too.

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Hi All,

In my usual careless pattern I started a new thread with this info, but it was suggested I should put it here.

Hope this info is useful...

Link to original thread is http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=810590

Info in the format for this thread is...

Riding type: Hard packed with slippery gravel, some soft sand and few jumps

Your weight: 80 kg (192lb?) w/o gear

Front spring: stock

Rear spring: stock

Sag: 95mm

Front comp: 10

Front Reb: 4

Rear comp slow: 6

Rear comp fast: 1.75

Rear Reb: 13

Fork oil weight: Stock (as far as I know. About to replace with fresh 5W)

Fork oil height: Stock (as far as I know)

How it works: Bike washes out less in the front than stock settings, and the back seems to sit up better, hold the ground and is a little more stable. The package feels more stable and tighter, but still a little top heavy.

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This is a great post for DRZ400e work. I am trying to find the right settings for the different rolls this bike fills for me.

When i bought it used with 900 miles and titled, it had lowering dogbones already on. the guy could not find the other one to give me, so i need to order another set. I wonder if this is why the rear suspension feels like a horse going over a gate. Sometimes i can feel the rear fender hit me going over a jump. I know there is a slew of throttle techniques, but this is the most i have ever had a bike want to endo. I only have had it since Jan, and this past 2 weeks is the first i really got to get on it in the dirt; TT track, MX, woods, hillclimbs, etc. So i now have enough info to make complaints. The fromt suspension feels great actually. I hit a few deep ruts and terrain in Grand Staircase that I was thrilled with the fron reaction, now to fix the endo. It came set upon purchase for a 185 rider, and since i hit a mx track during my weekly practice routine, i was told to leave it heavy. I weigh 160 with gear.

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