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Spring 03 TT XR Ride Day

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Ok, we have been exchanging msgs for about a year and some have had the opportunity to ride with others. Figured we (XR Group) could put together a "Spring Ride".

Since none of us live in the same state or region of the USA, lets put together regional rides.

We need to do it on a long weekend – (Like to have this event to happen on the same weekend in all regions.

Some place most can drive to – or get to with-in a days drive –

And where the riding can accommodate all levels of riders.

Like to put together events, kids, family, skill.. what ever – need suggestions.

We will have to figure out what regions are what and each region can choose their own riding site.

We need people to help organize this from each region.

If you are interested in helping plan and get things going PM me.

This could be a good thing -- An national/International organized event - to promote responsible motorcyclist... I would love to see this grow into exactly that ----

Those who say it can’t be done, are usually interrupted by those doing it”

Al_PIV (Idea man) 🙂

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I will have to say, "This is sad". :D

As of today there were 121 viewers, yet only four takers - Including myself.

I figured I would post this in mid-winter to give each participating region enough time to get things in order. Then one we had things together -- I would Notify "REV magazine", "Trail Rider" and see if they would publish it in their spring edition.

This would not only get more coverage for each region/club/organization, yet it would also show what a bunch of miss-fits could out together.

I have seen more activity/organization from environmentalists and equestrian groups. You know these groups, the ones who

keep taking away our riding areas.. (Sorry could not resist)

The event you organize could be anything -- Trail/MX/Dual Sport what ever -- Just some simple objectives to cover...

1) Day or Wekend event

2) Any age or experience levels

3) Consideration for family members (Involvement)

Should be simple...

So lets do it!


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Locally, we have trouble getting a few people to agree where and when to ride, much less across the country.

One idea is try to meet up at an organized event, such as an enduro or poker run.

Places I'd like to ride: Moab. Death Valley.

FYI: I asked ThumperTalk.com to consider making a "Ride Forum". That way we could post something like, "CALIFORNIA: Ride at Carnegie on Monday" and get replies from XR, CRF, YZ, DRZ, and other bike owners. We also need a MX accesories, Enduro, and Clothing forums. Items like handguards are pretty universal.

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Hi AL, I'm making this up as I go along, I'll just have a banner made. Since we're not an official club, I'd just do it for fun. I'm wondering if it might be better to try Hungry Valley at Gorman instead of Jawbone out west in so cal. Hey so cal riders, gimme a little input, jawbone or Hungry Valley? Al, do you know how to post this on all forums? Does anyone? If we could post it like Motomans Memorial for a couple months, it would make it easier. And no rocket science, lets just show up and ride, play, and tell lies. 🙂

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I'm in it for Hungry Valley area. Not that it is an hour from where I live, but that I finally get to ride with my kind of bikes, and not have to worry about how much gas I have, or if my bike is loading up. Good god, with my 4.0 IMS Tank, I could ride the whole weekend. There is a ship load of trails and riding up in that area. Heck Beave, even the Rangers ride XR 400's. They are goood too.

Count me in from the L.A/Bakersfield Area.


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Do you know where Magic Mountain is? Well it isn't there, but very close. Frazier Park Area. Elevation about 4,000-4,500 feet.

Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area

P.O. Box 1360

Lebec, CA. 93243-1360


They can send you a map of the area.


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