Pics from Unadilla

Went up to Unadilla today with my son to watch our first AMA Pro National race in person. The TV def does not do the speed the height these riders get justice. It was pretty amazing. Wish there was a SuperCross that came to the North East as well.

Here are some pics I snapped during the races.










nice pics my friend should be uploading some on here soon, did they race the 450 class, I left at about 5 today, the rain held out for most of the day which was really good.

wow those pics are so sweet especially with the border

That first pic of Alessi is so cool!

Too bad its Michael Byrne

Awesome pictures!

That first pic of Alessi is so cool!

:thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Those pics are sex dude, what kind of equipment are you using ?

Ohh, sorry! I just saw the Rockstar/Makita and thought of Alessi :thumbsup:

What type of underwear is RV using?

i'm gonna guess u guys were up near the start someplace? and how do you get those shots? must have a lot better lens then what i have.

Sweet pictures! I Have a bunch of shots but they are nowhere as good as those! Ill upload them tonight and pick out a few to post. Im on the racerx site though!

The picture with james stewart after the 2nd moto, Im all the way to the left and my friends and girlfriend are on the right of the quad! It was a great day even with the rain!

Well done! I also wanna know what equipment are you using? how did you get that picture of bubba above you?

Great pictures. Excellent post!!

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

I was using a Canon EOS20D with a 100-400 lense for a lot of the far away shots. For those Bubba whip pics I was right by the Parts Unlimited tent. There was a nice table top there that James was doing sick whips off of for the first few laps. Then after he had like a 13 second lead, he started to almost goon straight over it. hehe

killer pics man :thumbsup:

hooligan I was under the parts tent as well for a bit. I might have seen you but its a long shot.

so pissed i didnt go...

alessi won't be riding for a while

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