Suspension question...fluid weight?

I ordered some springs from langston racing this past week and I was going to try stiffer springs than what I needed cause I really hate bottoming. I like to slam into things or just jump into stuff. Anyways, they called me and said they didn't have that size so I had to go with the size down which is ok for my weight. The person on the phone said to compensate, just use a heavier oil...7.5wt. Does this work? Never heard of you guys talk about that before.

It does but not greatly, raising the oil height will make a much bigger difference.

I would think adding the correct weight oil would be the way to go. The weight does not do much anymore with regards to the "stiffness" factor. Volume is where its at.

Its also very easy to add a few correctly placed suspension shims. However, if MX Josh got started in this , it would create a monster. Look at the attention to detail on his bike. Can you imagine that sort of thinking and detail going on with suspension shims? (meant as a compliment)

I would say in abotu 6 weeks we no longer need to experiment with our forks..we just e mail Josh!

It took me more than 10 goes to get my base valves right lol! :thumbsup:

The forks are quite good now :thumbsup:

It won't change much by going from 5w to 7.5. Going to 10 will stiffen them up if you change the inner chamber too. You won't notice it on the compression as much as you will on the rebound.

putting a heavier weight oil in your forks is no differnt than turning in your clickers on your compression settings. trust me on this one.

Ok, for discussion sake, say I have the clickers at 10 out with 5wt and then I add 10wt at 10 out. Would it be stiffer and still have 10 clicks of adjustment left? If thats the case then its not quite the same as changing the clickers. I'm already at the max level (probably higher) that the manual suggests. I know nothing about revalving although it would be cool to do my own forks.

putting in heavier oil is only needed if your like a couple of clicks out on compression adding a heavier oil would let you go back to like lets just say 10 clicks out for example. suspension adjusters are just valves that limit how much oil goes threw them by closing and opening the clickers. if you got your oil level full and your still bottoming you need a heavier spring. so if the guy is telling you to go with a lighter spring than you want and just put in heavier oil that is wrong he's just trying to sell you a spring he has.

The manufacturer does not make a heavier spring. I would have to go custom which is $50 more. I wanted a heavier spring than I needed. So now I'm going with the suggested spring rate.;

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