Crf230l Bigger Tank????

ANY BODY OUT THERE SEEN A BIGGER TANK FOR A "L". my father-in-law said he saw one somwhere on the internet but doesn't know where.I doubt there is one out there but maybe.

Forgot to ask. has any one changed there tires out yet.I would really like to put on a wider one on the front

with 80 mpg are the stations that far apart in tx ?

2.3 gallons goes quite aways ............................

these 230's are not real power houses as you know and extra fuels means

extra weight and less performance ......................

we have 600 miles on ours and thinking about maybe selling it !


mine doesnt get 80 mpg.last tank got about 95 miles before hitting reserve. i have put about 1700 miles on mine. Sometimes I like to hit backroad after backroad but I am limited a littlewith the tank size. if I could get at least 150 to 200 miles before hitting reserve that would be great. Ran into this sunday. I was out riding had close to 100 miles on the clock about 30 miles from the house ( on the boring roads ) and about 50 miles from the house with some fun roads . no big deal could have went into town but didnt want to. I was in the groove ya no. I dont like to go that far on reserve.

I've got 1500 miles on my crf 230l. The bike routinely gets 80 mpg. Will go 125 to 130 miles then hit reserve. Have gone 50 miles on reserve. Actually went 183 miles before completely running out of gas. This is street mileage! MPG is less when dirt/trail riding. I weigh 165 pounds and do not run throttle wide open. Love this kind of gas mileage! Never new being a greenie could be so much fun! I've been riding to work many days instead of driving 17mpg truck. 9 miles to work on back roads and Blue Ridge Parkway.

There is nothing available for these bikes (F or L). I always hope when the next model year comes out that it has around a 2.8 gallon tank on it, but Honda seems to be content with going the opposite direction on the F (2.3 03-07) in 08 with a 1.9 gallon tank.

If the L is as popular as it seems in these parts (can't keep them on the floor and seems Honda says they may not be able to fill existing deposits at one of our dealerships) maybe we will see the aftermarket finally step up with the models being able to share tanks.

I keep hoping that Acerbis, Clarke, or IMS will surprise us with a 2.8 gallon tank. While that is just the addition of a 1/2 is significant for these bikes.

even with a 19 year old boy riding this one day it got 70 mpg, but this is mainly just on road, back roads and such, no real off roading, we have real dirt bikes for that, would hate to throw down the street one and wreck the tank and mirrows and such, as we do know how to wreck !! lol !

we have more bikes then sense, have a crf 150/230's also along with my old wr/yz 250 2 stroke + more

More gas means more backwood miles

You might try different gearing to bring back some fuel economy. Maybe add a tooth on the counter shaft to slow the engine down at high speed.

got a 14 tooth on there.Just rode mine to work today, I have been carpooling with a friend that lives 20 miles up the road. when i cut open the air box lid it made a big difference in my milage. When i ride to work I have to fill up every day.( its a 100 mile round trip)so far I have put 115 miles on this tank and have not hit reserve yet. probablly will hit some time in the morning.

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