Xr400 Hiccup 98

Back again, the bike seems to be sputtering again, and it was only doing with when i was in the woods, I was doing single track at low speeds in first gear and a bit of second.

here is the link to the first thread.


anyone thinking maybe mixture screw adjustment?

might have something to do with the float height. we just resolved my dad's sputtering problem in his bike and it was the float/junk in the carb, but that was also at higher rpm (midrange to high) what jets do you have in it? any other mods?

bone stock

bone stock

yeah i would say check the float level and see if the baffle that goes around the main jet is in place because that helps keep the fuel from cavatating around the main jet which would make it sputter. also thry a new spark plug if you haven't already.

good luck

Bnorris--any luck?? My 98 just started sputtering as well at lower rpms while riding around town. I'd be interested to see what your solution was. PM if you want.

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