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I"m trying to download a track that was sent to me on my Garmin 60cs. Its the trail we will be marking for this weeks Friday ride for SixDays. I"m getting the "Track Truncated " error. I'm not real familiar with this. I assume that the track has more than 500 points and it will only lay it out to this point and not load the remaining portions. Is it possable to load this to an active track which I think will hold more. ( I think). Stumped.

Filter the track down to less than 500 points.

Open file in MapSource. Double click on track (or right click and choose Properties). This will bring up the track properties window. There's a filter button in this window. Click the button, in the resulting window, change the "max" number to 500 and click Filter.


Rename the name of the track to "ACTIVE LOG"

First is the better bet.

OK. Got it . Thanks for the help. I was just experimenting with divideing the track and the filter. The track had a total of 1300 points. Once I just made the whole track 500 points as you sugested and brought the magnification in , it laid nicely over your VWmapping.

Thanks again.

Hope to make your next ride on the 2nd.

Will an older version of Mapsource Topo work on a computer thats running Vista ?

Usually not, but you can update the MapSource program itself to the recent version that will (maps don't change, just the program that displays the maps).

Wasn't there an upgrade to Topo out there to make it work with Vista. I seem to remember doing some update to mine when using Vista.

But if you say there isn't I believe ya. You know more about these things than I ever will.

I run Topo on vista but had to download an update from the Garmin site.

Well I'm not sure if I updated MapSource, Topo or both, but now I can use both on Vista.

Wasn't there an upgrade to Topo out there to make it work with Vista.

Uh, yeah, that's what I was trying to say (obviously not clearly enough ;-)

Should be able to install Topo on Vista and then go get the update to MapSource from Garmin, install it and then use it (ie use Topo).

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