Eddie....jetting awesome.....1 small issue

Well I got my FMF full exhaust, 3x3 and stage 2 dj kit installed as per your directions....what a difference wow! Pulls so much harder, front comes up 1,2,3rd. Thanks Eddie. One small question the bike stalled 4 times out of approx. 20 complete stops. All while at the stop light idleing along fine - as soon as I touched throttle it stalled on me? Any thoughts.

where is the fuel screw set?idle reacts properly?

dj needle clip 2

160 Dj main jet

25 pilot jet (Is the #25 suppossed to be bigger? than #22.5) The body of the jets where the same, the threads the same but tip was smaller and holes smaller does this sound right?)

stock fuel screw 2.75 turns out

It idles fine...pops a little on decel but it did that before no big deal, right.

have you tried just turning the idle speed up a little?

Yes turned it up after the first 3 times it died and it still did it once more after that....would adjusting the fuel screw help at all? About the pilot jet being smaller is that right or do i have the wrong style pilot jet? It's a VM28/486 pilot jet size #25 thats the right one I hope for the BSR36 carb.


you have the vucuum line connected to the petcock?

Yes, vaccuum line connected.....tirned idle up a little higher today just came back from ride and it didn't stall on me. Although I only made about 6 stops....hopefully the idle a little higher did the trick.

I just came back from my second ride today just put 80 km on it tonight. It did not stall after turning up idle this morning. Thanks for your time Eddie....you are the jetting GURU!

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