best camera

iight i know this thread doesnt have a picture or a video in it but its related..

what is the best digital slr camera 2 get under $800?..




If your going to spend that kind of money on a camera, atleast get a camcorder. I recently bought a Canon HV20 off eBay for a deal. It records video in 1080i, which is the best image you can possibly get. It takes pictures at 3.1 megapixels which isn't the best. I would suggest getting a HD camcorder because you can take stills from the recorded video without loosing quality. If you still want a digital camera, try looking for a camera that has atleast 7.1 megapixel or larger and you'll be set.


Get the NIKON D40 and don't look back! I bought mine when it was announced & it's still top rated almost 2 years later. It's under $500 now with a 18-55mm lens. Take your left over money and get the NIKON 55-200mm with VR (vibration reduction) and you'll have everything you need for years of great pics.

Here are all the reasons you should get this camera & more:

i just bought a nikon d40 with the 18-55 and 55-200 VR lenses and the first day i got it i was taking shots that i couldnt belive the camera is AMAZING

this was one of the first pictures i took with the camera




and i havnt got it out to the track yet for any moto shots but i am really stoked to get some good shots out there

you will want/need a dSLR for good moto shots does really just about any body will do a great job that is 2 or 3 years old just the glass is where you will more then likely spend most money

i was looking at the sony dslr that a good camera or should i get the nikon d40

id say the d40 its the best camera for the buck its simple to use and it takes amazing pictures

I bought my wife a Canon EOS 20-D, used off E-Bay, for $300 shipped; and then another $350 for the lense. It takes amazing pictures. 8 mega pixel, 5 frames per second, and the battery life is excellent.

Glass is where the big money is spent. There are so many lense options it gets really confusing. (F-stops, aperatures, Zoom or prime lenses.... and the list goes on and on). The 5 frames per second ia really cool, and probably my favorite feature.

If you are just getting into the DSLR thing, save some cash and get a good used body and a better lense. You should be able to get a really nice setup for less than $800, which is far less than just a new body will cost.

Do some research, it can be really eye opening.

As far as I know, there is no DSLR camera made that has video capabilites.

The last time I went to the track (had to watch due to injury) I took 950 pictures.

I'm certainly no pro, but here are a couple I liked.






thanks bro..there some pretty good picts..i was lookin at the nikon tat any better then the d40?

I would not buy anything other than a NIKON or a Canon. I'm obviuosly a NIKON guy. All of the other brands are just trying to keep up with those two. I have several friends that take pictures for a living and they say the same thing; Nikon or Canon and that's it! Again, I think the best money you can spend right now is with the D40 kit.

I'd also say do not buy used. It's electronic equipment and something about used or from an untrusted (no warranty) source scares me. The price difference is so small that it pays to buy new (USA product) from a trusted dealer. Do not opt for gray market product. That means it comes from another country and is NOT backed with a NIKON USA or Canon USA warranty. Again, the savings are so small that it doesn't make sense to go this route.

I buy all of my gear from one of these two places:

My pro photographer friends use them as well.

Both offer outstanding customer service and back what they sell.

Spend some time on that Ken Rockwell link I posted above and look around on-line. The D40 is the way to go. Or save the time, just buy one, & you'll be happy for years to come.

D40 vs. D60....?

Read the Introduction on this page:

That should make you choice simple.

thanks alot..that really pretty set on buying the d40 still gonna look at canons though..but il probley end up getting the d40

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