Spitting coolant

My KTM (08 excr 450) spit coolant while trail riding in the socal desert heat today:foul: . It seems to overheat alot. Is there any serious problems, if so how to fix them?:thumbsup:

My KTM spit coolant while trail riding in the socal desert heat today:foul: . It seems to overheat alot. Is there any serious problems, if so how to fix them?:thumbsup:

ride faster, these bikes need air almost constantly flowing through the radiators, there is the turkey baster mod on here if this will be a usual occurance

it sounds like he may be right.I just got my new 450 EXC-r today & spent the day in the woods in 75-80 degree heat & sure enough it over heated 2 or 3 times.Anybody have any strokes of genius for a fix?

I found out ktm actually sells a small cooling fan through there hard parts catalog. Someone tell me if it works?

Have you rejetted the bike yet, Are you running the stock pipe still, what coolent are you useing.

Is there winter air in you'r tires still Ha Ha.

I out here in Cal City it got up to 110 my bike use to over heat untill I did the changed coolent and ran a over flow coonlet tank, I also rejetted and pipe helps out, The bikes are running hot to pass smog so they can be shipped in country Big brother was wacthing now it in country you can do what you want with it to get run right.

Also out here I normaly riding Wide open there's not much slow riding were I am at.

Motul motocool and it is bone stock

These you'er problem bone stock untill you change those parts you will be over heating They say JD makes a great jet kit, I running Engine ice for coolent and a RLR coolent overflow tank They say you can open you'er stock exhaust can up I running a FMF 4.1 Ti can on mine.

The KTM don't like to sit still at and be running or run at slow sppeds it's a race bike it ment to be moving you can put a fan on you bike, I will one day just to be safe but as long as you'er moving you should be fine if you are going slow let the motor rev in a lowwer gear to spin the water pump faster that mite also help out.

where do you ride at.

Even New bike need some twicking to get then right every brand has it's problems.

Jetting is the first thing to fix.

Stock KTM's are too lean.

The problem is with the needle.

Contact JD Jetting and get their recommendations.

Also do the other mods. for the emmision crap.

The coolant recovery tank is a good idea even if you don't have a over heating problem.

After you do the above mods. and you still have a problem, you may need to install the fan kit. This will require other mods. also to the charging system so it doesn't kill your battery.

Good luck.

where do you ride at.

I was riding off of Backus Road before Cal City, the temp was about 110

I was riding off of Backus Road before Cal City, the temp was about 110

So how did you over heat the bike then I hardly ever get under 2nd gear Wide open I normaly 5 or 6 gear moving unless I riding pass the camping areas I slow it down because of the kids I dont want to run one over they dart out in front of you all the time.

I ride out there evey weekend let me know some time we ride some back road together I ride from my house out there Do yu ride by the water tower across from the prison or by the race track.

i re jetted my 450 exc and it still overheats sometimes. just use engine ice in the radiator and there is a fan you can buy, not sure if it works.

There have been many posts on this very subject recently. Do the JD jet kit, turkey baster mod, factory fan, and either a stator rewind or small rectifier mod.

My fan was perfect in the rocks at Kennedy Meadows this Saturday, and did not overheat. A Yamaha WR450F and my sons Honda CRF250X did though.

Re Jet if you have not done so already. Lean = HOT!!!

Exhaust mod helps, 07 SXF pipe fits wonderfully!!

Swap to some Engine Ice and the KTM Hard Parts fan is your new best


If your crusing kinda slow the fan will kick on for maybe 15-45 sec. Hauling a$$ It will not run, the thing i dont like is that its got constant power, so after you park your bike the fan will most likely come on 1-2 or 3 times depending how hot it is and may potentially drain your battery.

I personally have not had a single problem since the mods, no dead batteries, over heating.... ok i take that back, ive got one problem..... getting rid of this shit eatin grin everytime i ride it!

I have not rode out at Backus Road my self Have you tryed Camalot the old Golf course is fun to tear it up at Or Rosamond Is fun also one side there lot of Whooped out section the other side of 14 Is more wide open type riding.

Watch out for the shooting range.

I was riding off of Backus Road before Cal City, the temp was about 110

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