Gargling hard at 1/2 throttle in 1st & second...

1999 WR400...when accelerating there is seriously interrupted power. Could it be jetting, throttle position sensor....just feel like getting a Eddelbrook carb instead of spending the $$$ to send it to the mechanic. Also...not so easy to start even when going through the correct procedure...just got the bike 2 months ago...any suggestions welcome:excuseme:

Not a good idea to guess and start replacing parts. I'd take the carb off, take it apart and clean and check everything very thoroughly. Accel pump diaphram may need changing for one and AP linkage could be faulty. Float level could be off. Jets or air lines could be plugged. Throttle slide could be cracked. The TPS probably doesn't cause malfunctions like your talking about. Good luck.

I would clean the carb totally as stated the rough running is likely a dirty carb issue - if it runs good after cleaning but is still hard to start - check valve clearances next.

DO NOT take off or move the TPS - it'll mess things up.

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