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Engine Question On Kx100

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Hey all. I just bought a 96 KX100. The guy said it was seized. So I brought it home and ripped her down. The jug and everything is find and no scoring. So I popped the side case off. There was quite a bit of white in there meaning water or coolant entry. I also noticed the teflon gear had some major damage to it looking like it was stripping and also had not been lined up for sometime. Now it seems the crank is free but every 10turns lets say using the kick start or spinning the clutch plates it hits this spot that seems to hold resistance. If you move it a bit backward then back forward again it goes away. I think the water pump went due to that teflon gear that is in the back of the turbine.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I am trying to find out what the easiest way to check the crank bearings is and how to knwo if they are still good or not. The bike seized at idle and when I got it the kickstart was rock hard. It is no longer rock hard I can spin the crank with it no problem now.

Let me know your thoughts! Greatly appreciated!

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