requested a quote from a local dealer (TTR125)...Get this...!!!


This is a 2002 TTR125.

Same dealer I bought my WR400 from. After telling me how much of a great deal they were gonna cut me on my "hard to find" (99) WR400, they said "$6000.00 or nothing". My fault, but I bought it for $ August of 99. :D

So back to this TTR...

I get a call from the dealer. Now this guy knows I AM a repeat customer. So he tells me the bike is...$2599.00. I then comment about him charging FULL RETAIL. Then he says Yamaha has a deal going. Buy a bike and get $200.00 worth of accessories. BUT, they will split the deal...(???) :)

So the final price of this 2002 TTR125 is...

$2599.00 plus $100.00,

THAT'S RIGHT ONLY $2699.00!!!! :D

This Concord, New Hampshire Yamaha / KTM dealer did make the "Worst Dealer Award" list on a posting last year.


Well Ther still in buisness, so whats that tell ya

Number 1 Sheeple still buy from snake oil sales men

Originally posted by NH Kevin:

BUT, they will split the deal...(???) :)

So the final price of this 2002 TTR125 is...

$2599.00 plus $100.00,

THAT'S RIGHT ONLY $2699.00!!!! :D


So they wanted to "split" the rebate?? That's insane. Why do dealers all suck so much? My buddy used to run the parts counter at Concord Yamaha. He said they sold all OEM parts for 15% over list price, owners orders.

BFlee do the Brandts still own that shop ?

Bought a 2002 ttr 125L IN August last year, had to pay $2599.00 plus extras but that was when they were new and none on showroom. They should be cheaper now.

Originally posted by EgoAhole:

BFlee do the Brandts still own that shop ?

I don't know. Are those the same Brandts that own Brentwood Ford, and are friends with the Vasser family?

I would report the idiots to Yamaha Motors Corporate concerning the "Split the Deal" for the $200.00 in accessories.....That's not supposed to happen! and it violates their sales agreement with the company and HRS the financing agent.

Bonzai :)

Just to clarify there isn't much of a markup on the 2003 TTR125L, you would be lucky to get one in CA for $3100 out the door....

A while back the wife and I were checking out the TTR125 for her and they quoted us $2350 new. Yesterday we found one in a small shop, used, for $2500. I just laughed.


Was at Champion Yamaha in Costa Mesa CA 2 days ago. TTR 225 $2799, ttr 125 $2199. Not bad. :)

Lakehill Yamaha in Corinth, MS has them listed at 2199.99. I have bought 2 bikes from then now and they were cheaper than that when I asked "how much cash out the door, right now".

Lake Hill Yamaha

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