03 kx 125,Comon Problems?

Just picked up a 03 kx125 very little use,to be used as a second trail\track bike. Any comon problems with this year.

Is the 03-06 the same? or 03-05.

I have a 2003 that I picked up as an ex race bike, I think they are bulletproof. I have been riding mine for 3 years now every weekend with no problems. They are great bikes, just make sure to keep up the normal maintenance and replace piston/rings occasionally if ridden very hard.

Almost the same. 04 and up had different porting piston and exhaust valve. real nice easy to ride bikes. For trails they are great, they make alow of low/midm for a 125. Add pipe, correct jetting, reeds and a FWW and they make darn good trail bikes.

Good luck!

Thanks for the input,The last time i owned a KX125 was a 1980 What a P. O. Stuff.

Bad suspension,ill handling and SLOW. They don't make them like they used to ,thank god. My new one is still apart,(i like to tear down bikes when i get them and do what needs to be done before it breaks 20 miles from the truck.)

Iv'e been riding the big 650 too long,everything is so light and tiny on this bike.Can't wait to get out and hammer it like a bent nail!

Wow, XR650R to a KX125. It's gonna feel like a Razor Scooter through the trees. I had a 03 KX250 that shared the same frame geometry with the 125. Those ergos where too small to me.

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