Can you lower a 03 xr100 ?????????

Want to get my son a XR100 butt they are just a little to tall for him. Does anybody know how to and if they can be lowered? Also whats the best thiing for performance inhancement.:thumbsup:

i would not lower it and i dont think its possible to lower it. if you can your looking into new forks and rear shock. i bet he will grow into it very soon. the best performance kit is most likely a big bore kit.

Thanks for the reply. I was just wondering if maybe I couldent install a shorter shock just to lower the back end a little bit. Just maybe enough so he could touch the ground a little easyer.

I'm hoping these will work for my 03 XR100 so I can get it lower for my son.

Put some xr80 wheels on it.

Put some xr80 wheels on it.

that is the ticket...instant lower bike that handles better with the small wheels also.

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