making an 400e street legal

hi all. did the search thing and read many threads. does any body know what it takes to make it legal in the state of Nevada? i looked at all the kits in the threads i saw but not sure what the law is here in NV. if you know where i can find out whats what that would be awesome. thanks for your help.:thumbsup:

Go the the library and look up the equipment requirements for NV.

In WA they are called RCW's (Revised code of Washington) and are available on line. Probably are in NV also.

Obvioulsy head light, tail light, brake light, horn, mirror(s) and legal tires.

The questions you need answered are:

Do you need 1 or 2 rear view mirrors (WA 2)

Do you need front and rear brake light switches (WA no)

Do you need turn signals? (WA no)

Do you need a turn signal indicator light (WA no)

Do you need both HI and LO beams (WA yes)

Do you need a HI beam indicator light WA no)

Do you need the tail light to burn with the engine dead (WA no)

Do you need side reflectors (WA no)

Do you need a speedometer (WA no)

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