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Seized KX85

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hey all, my freinds kid seized his 02 KX85, he only had it one season

but he did ride it hard, Ive hears 10 hrs on race bikes for a top end

rebuild, thats sounds a bit low to me, he probably had 30-40 hours on it.

Anyone have a manual you want to sell or a rebuild kit...?

Maybe a link to a good parts supplier, neither of us have done

a rebuild on a bike so this might be a good place to start.

Thanks in advance.

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I hope it was a top end sieze and not a bottom end seize. Big difference between replacing a piston and ring and having to split cases to put in a crank kit. Also hope the cylinder is O.K. My sons RM is high maintanance. We do at least 2 top ends a year and probably should be doing it more often. I order OEM parts from www.midwestactioncycle.com .Thier phone # is 1-800-323-0078. They do sell some after market items. A MAC racing complete KX85 top end rebuild kit lists in the catalog from them for $79.95 . Good luck.

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