clutches for dummies

will this eliminate the need to have the shifter or is it the same theory as having the stock clutch....just shift by foot and no hand lever needed.

Trail Bikes Heavy Duty Auto Clutch Kit for CRF50

just need to know because if there is a way to fix the rediculously over bearing effort needed to shift 1,2,3 than i am up for it. my son has a hell of a time popping that thing into 2nd and 3rd.

thanks guys!:thumbsup:

Stock OEM is the easiet to shift IMO. Maybe a longer shift lever, if your son can reach it. My BBR HD sprung clutch makes getting into second gear a little tricky, gotta be on the throttle slightly and not full decell to get it in.

adjust your clutch is all needed. simply loosen the lock nut.turn the set screw all the way in and begin to back it out slowly until the point you feel rewsistance. once you feel that resistance go a 1/8 turn more and lock it down.

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