Needed tools

I was just tossing some Ideas around in my head and was wondering if there are any tools that you have come across that you need that noone makes or they are inheriently expensive. I drew up a seal installer tool for the CS seal on a KDX200 (thanks sean for the dimensions I will let you know when I get it done) and was wondering if there was anything else I should be looking at making.

It depends on what area of the motorcycle you are working on. If some part blows up or breaks, you might need the tool then, but several tools I own are not frequently used.

But since you asked, a copy of the Honda 44mm piston band installer tool would be great. :-)

let it all out Man!! dont stop the flow !!! is this mechanical charades ?

krazyinski I think it is a tapered cone 44mm in size to slip the one piece ring over the lip of the piston.


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Honda makes a tool to install shock piston bands on 44mm pistons. As best I know, Honda doesn't sell the special tools listed in their manuals to the public. Zip Ty racing has a 46mm tool if you want to check out their site.

Lower steering stem bearing pullers seem to be expensive from the factory!

Some tools made out of aluminum instead of steel would be nice. A TT member sold me a fork cap wrench made out of aluminum that will help to not tear up the fork caps.

Fortunately, the things that need to be worked on often require scredrivers, wrenches, sockets and such!

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