Baja Designs Kit-All Lights very dim unless at full throttle

Hi, Ive got a 1998 WR400 With a Baja Designs street legal kit with headlight, brake light and rear turn signals. The brake light and headlight only work when you are really hard on the gas, once the rpms drop at all they flicker and dim really badly. What should I check first? Sorry for the retarded question. Thanks

the stator!!

even with the stator mod, You;ll still get a little dimming when you let off the throttle...mine does anyway.

Put a voltmeter on the wire coming off the regulator, see if it's making a full 12 - 13 volts. Sounds like you also have a weak battery pack, may be actually sucking up the juice if any of the batteries are shorted internally.

stator or bad battery pack

98 WR400 doesn't have a battery. Is a battery pack something else like the stator to run light and what not. I have a 98 also, and wanted a brighter headlight, is there a brighter bulb I can put in it?

does the stator have dual wound or just 1 single wound. if its dual wound you can make it to a single wound to give you more juice

baja designs sells a stator hop up--it puts out 300 watts?

Um--actually 110Watt lighting coil

:thumbsup: how old is the nicad battery pack? if its old or not ," duh i left the the switch on* for 30 min" the low output stator will gang up with the puny battery and you'll think your on an old triumph tiger. also if you did not do the install on the kit ,make sure the baja volt regulator was used. if it still has the yamaha unit, the battery may be shot.

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