what could cause a shock to go down to 10psi of nitrogen in shock?

i have a 03 yz250 thats only been ridden like 10x.but while i was getting my bike ready to go riding i noticed the bike had way too much rebound(and the clicker wouldn't change anything) so i checked the amount of nitrogen,and it only had 10psi of nitrogen.

so i'm gonna rebuild the shock.but i was wondering,what would cause this? and what parts besides oil should i order?

How did you check it? You will loose alot by just checking it so its hard to tell how much was in it.

Someone could of pushed the valve core or your bladder is bad. I've seen riders do that thinking like forks they thought the air needed bled off. You should either get a new seal head or rebuild the stock one. Check the bladder for distortion or a small hole blown through in the end of it.

Possibly before you greased the bearings they were making the shock bind and you didn't know the shock was bad:excuseme:


with a pressure gauge that goes up to 200psi.and i'm 99% nothing leaked out when i checked.

how do you rebuild the seal head?

ya i'm not sure what was the problem with the shock and why it did it, once i took the shock off.but ya ur probably right it might off had a bind in the shock somewhere and somehow. cuz all i did was grease the linkage and swingarm, i didn't mess with the shock at all.

i'm gonna rebuild or atleast disassemble the shock tomorrow so i should be able to find what is wrong with it.

Hope the bore of the shock body isn't worn from the seal head chucking due to the low n2 pressure............

okay i disassembled it and from what i can tell everything looks good.and no punctures or holes in the bladder or anything.so i'm just thinking since the bike is like 6 years old, the nitrogen just leaked out somehow throughout those years.

so i'm thinking just throwing it back together, so i can ride it?

think i really need a new seal head on this bike cuz the bike has like only 10 rides on it?

think i really need a new seal head on this bike cuz the bike has like only 10 rides on it?
10 psi is really low, likely indicating a problem somewhere. I had about 120 psi in the shock on my stock 02 YZ250, FYI. Also, due to losses at the air chuck, I lose about 20 psi every time I check the pressure, so if you checked it 7 or 8 times, voila, 10 psi.

The good news is, now you know how easy it is to rebuild the shock. Fill it with air and see how long it lasts. If it seems OK, purge it and re-fill with N2. If not, use your new-found knowledge and replace the seal head.

if you have the time fill it with N2 and leave it overnight, if it has a reasonable leak it will have very little pressure the next day.

well actually i think the shock might of blown, when i rode it last.but i didn't notice it.i just noticed it when i went to put my shock back on and greasing everything.

but basically i rebuilt(just took it apart and cleaned it and put new oil in).and then i went to put nitrogen in.the nitrogen leaked out the resivor cap, and it leaked down to 30psi.so it looks i need a bladder, and i'll just replace the seal head anyway.

should any suspension shop have a bladder and seal head for a 03 yz250?

What kind of chuck did you use to install the nitrogen?

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