jetting after header & exhaust

Hello name is Steve I used to post on planet Klx until it went down, now I believe I have found a home here....Anyway..I have a 07klx 300..right now I have the dyno jet kit on it and the fmf powercore exhaust. I'm looking to put on the fsw header soon. Is there any need at all to re-jet..right now I have a 130 main in the carb right now...thanks...


No need to rejet with the header. You may be able to go up a size. Try a 132 after you put on the header. Look at your dyno jet directions to. They state the proper jet size for bikes with or with out the header and all elevations.

Cool, you know I did have the 132 in there, but the plug looked a little towards the black side, we usually ride any where from 5,000 to 6500 in elevation...I guess i would rather be a litte on the rich side than the lean side though....thanks...

Steve, at those elevations you may want to just stay with the 130. I ride from 7500 to 10,000 and have the 124. I have the UNI filter, the FSW header, dyno jet, and the stock muffler.

Yes i would have to agreee with everyone else i would just stay with the 130. after the header, everything should just even out.

Alright...Thanks guys...

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