Who Lives In Rhode Island And Rides

what town are you from..... what do you ride...... and if legal where do you ride????? I LIVE IN JOHNSTON....... I HAVE A 2006 CRF 250X... RIDE MOSTLY MASS STATE FOREST:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Hey Wild Oats,

You'll have to sow those seeds out of state as the only legal riding I know of is a private property events (Netra).Thrill and Chills which are all posted here or on New England Dirtbike .com. The only exception in RI is the Rhode Island trials club in Exeter.for trials machines only.

Ct next door(west on rt 14 and just after rt 49 a mile or so) to you has 70 plus miles adjacent to the border for legally plated machines.Which is awsome.! and runs all the way down 49 towards 201.

But again this is for legal registered Dauls or converted Enduros.

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