TE 250 Rev Limiter

06 TE 250. Stock with JD jet kit. Fuel screw out 1 1/2. 1000 ft altitude.

"Flutters" badly at high RPM. Bike still puling but feels like hitting rev limiter way too early. Is this running lean or what.


The rev limiter is at 12,500 on my 2006 TE250, it will go over 80mph with stock gearing.

Has anything changed? Is this a new symptom?

New bike to me. Installed JD kit right away. Could this be valves? Can the rev limited be reset or disabled. I'm 47 and ride mountains and desert and not interested in doing 80 but losing the top % of the RPMs is strange.

Doesn't sound right. Sounds like valves...like valve float.

Call someone that can give you some advice


Adjust valves and see if that's it.

rev limiter can be overcome but I doubt it was set for 10,000.

Any threads or instructional pics on valve adjust.

Thanks a lot

Coffee did one.

Same bike with JD jetting and mine is doing the same at about 10000 rpms. I'm pretty sure it is because I run my jetting a bit rich (richer than JD recommended). Since I ride 3 seasons I was willing to go rich in the summer so it would be perfect the rest of the year. Safer to be rich and I don't want to have to keep changing the jetting. Tonight as it got dark and cooler it ran without flutter. Try leaning out your fuel screw (turn it in) and see if that helps. Also, try running it when temps/humdity drops. If you are inclined go to a smaller main jet.

Thanks for the posts. Havn't had time to touch the bike. I'll get you posted.

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