what the hell is up with my sparkplugs??

k randomly my sparkplugs come loose I stop riding look and theres oil EVERYWHERE :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: it has happened twice now and ive put them in fairly tight


Sounds like your not doing them up tight enough (you have to crush the washer), the threads are shot or its pinging bad.

might have happened if you did them up mega tight then took them out then put them back in, squishing the soft washer

If this happens a lot, I would look for a cause. Detonation can cause this to happen. I would remove the head at least. Look at the piston top for damage.

Make sure your jetting is good and not too lean. I have had finger tight spark plugs get me through hours of riding in an emergency. If it is a constant thing, look for the solution and the cause . Overtightening the plug will only lead to very expensive repairs down the line.

The last bike I saw this happened on was one of the CR 85's...go figure, it was a mini causing me to lose my hair again. Anyway, the owner decided to just tighten the plug to get through the day. The broken piston, damaged rod, and shrapnel in the lower end gave a total bill of 800.00. This coudl have been avoided with a 60.00 piston kit.

strip0ped the thread where the plug goes maybe a sparkplug should only be finger tightit should tighten slightly more as you ride!!

damn I sure hope its nothing bad :thumbsup: I just had to spend 200 dollars on it what exactly is detonation?? can you tell whats goin on by the look of the plug? I can take a picture of the plug before I put it back in

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