Best Handlebars????

I have a 98 WR400. I want to put on some new bars, pretty sure it still has the stock ones on it. I don't care about weight, or looks. But I want them durable, and a little bit taller. I am also a starving married college kid,:thumbsup: very very little money. Has anyone used longhorn bars? I saw some on ebay similar to Pro Taper fat bars. Thanks everyone, you are a valuable resource for me.:thumbsup:

never heard of them.. but you cant go wrong with the pro-tapers.. if you dont have oversized clamps then your gunna need to replace your stock 7/8ths clamps to the bigger ones..

also if you want something that will last awhile you might also want to look at the new easton bars.. but a bit pricy..

Just pick up some good 7/8 bars, thats what I would do if I were you. Clamps are kinda spendy, just find a good 7/8s bars like Renthal or Pro Taper SE in a bend you like.

fly bars :thumbsup:

My local shop has fly bars for $20. How well do they hold up? As far as the bend goes, I all the deifferent names reprsenting different bends. I ride about 60% road and 40% dirt. And it is more trail stuff when I do ride dirt. What kind of bend would I want? Best handling over comfort.

it doesnt really matter, you will get used to it and love it no matter what bend you get. anyways fly bars are ok and holding up, and theyre cheap!

As long as they are aluminum 7/8 bars they are probably OK. As far as bend goes, that's really personal preference man. Personally I am a fan of the Windham bend, it's a more tall and straight bar.

I have ProTapers, they rock.

A buddy of mine does stunting... he uses a CR high bend by Tag Metals, he says it kicks butt also.

I'd stay with one of the major brands, the metallurgy and finishes seem to be higher quality. Cheap grips or cheap socks won't kill you, but good solid handlebars are kind of important.

renthal 764 bars. they're a bit higher for taller riders like you and me:


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