Going to Taylor Park...jetting?

Okay so i'm back to the stock exhaust and the airbox mod and really don't have a baseline for 500-1000 feet anymore.

I was riding with:

Main 142

Pilot 42 or 45 can't remember (one step above stock)

Needle-3rd clip

Screw- 1.5 turns out

I was riding like this with a 250r exhaust and full airbox mod and it ran great, but after looking at the plug it seems to be too lean. I know people have said go to a 152 main and drop the needle to the 5th clip, but that just seems way rich and now I want to run the stock exhaust so that will change it either way.

So what should I be looking at for Taylor Park, CO (7,000-13,000 feet).

Thanks :thumbsup:

So what should I be looking at for Taylor Park, CO (7,000-13,000 feet).
Start by using 9330 feet, the elevation of Taylor Park Reservoir. There is no place in the Taylor Park area lower than that. Almont is at 8,000' and Gunnison is 7,600" or so.

Is the exhaust truly stock or has the diffuser been drilled or removed?

Try a 42 pilot, clip on #3, and 130 main. Fuel screw in the 1.5 - 2.5 range. Bring along a few main jets larger and smaller, but pay most attention to the needle.

Ask Eddie in the jetting forum...

My exhaust is truely stock and will not take out the baffle, eventually I may do the diffuser but not before this trip.

Thanks Ramz I will bring a 130, 132, 135, 137, and a 128. I might even buy the 250r needle, but then that might change all the numbers.

The reason I say 7,000 is because we are heading to Hartman Rocks one day out of the week and I think it is pretty close to 7,000 feet. Maybe it's more like 7,800 feet.

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