Local Track ride...

I went to the local track yesterday to practice. I haven't been there since 02! The track is in this guys land about 10 cares and it's a legit. It's hard pack and some loam in areas. Anyways, I wanted to get used to or practice jumping, but the track was so slippery and my tires are wasted. I tried anyways, though.

I pussied out on most of the jumps out there. I don't know what it is, but I couldn't bring myself to take them. The jumps represented big mounds of dirt piled up in a row to make doubles. I'm not sure if I was thinking they were unsafe or what. I ended up rolling. . . 6 different doubles. I was so pissed at myself. I'm used to fast tracks where you don't have a chance to think about jumps, you just take them to avoid messing up your rhythm. This local track is not very fast, but it's "technical". I also got a flat tire and was able to patch it at the track. (MAN ... I need new tires!)

You shoulda came out to hannegan on saturday for the MX school, It was a blast and really helpful in making me faster

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