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Gold Note & Elkins Flat DS Ride Today w/ Pics

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Rode about 60 miles solo today. Staged at Omo Ranch and Sopiago Rd. Made a big loop that included Gold Note and Elkins Flat, and happed to stumble on the swimming hole. Don't worry guys, I not telling where it is!

Only saw two m/c's on the trails, two quads parked, two d/s bikes on the asplalt and nobody at the cold spot. It actually rained a few drops, temps were probably in the lo 80's, really comfortable, not even hot enough to go for a swim.

The new WR250R zipped thru the trails nicely, but will need knobbies when it gets wet. Need to order the DRC tail light and hand guard lite kit, and put a real skid plate on it though.



Dogtown Creek Falls (dry in the summer)




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how are you liking the 250? plenty of power? does it /can it be derisricted?

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how are you liking the 250? plenty of power? does it /can it be derisricted?

I'm really enjoying the bike. It has enough of and just the right power for my use on trails, fire roads and twisty asphalt. I'm 6,1" and 210 lbs with my gear and it hauls me around just fine. I usually ride a 06 yz450f and I feel the 450 would only have an advantage on the open fire roads in the woods. The 250 has a low first gear and the motor is so smooth. Just don't try to jump this bike without getting stiffer springs, but it's sprung and damped perfect for the woods and asphalt stock in my opinion.

After reading quite a bit on the other forums, with a pipe and opening up the air box, you can get a 15 - 20% increase in power. Right now for me, the bike can be railed on the single track stock and has plenty of power for the fire roads. I really like stealth of the quiet pipe. You don't loft the front wheel at will on this bike like a 450, but it's great fun being able to use the asphalt and explore more trails than ever. Plus I can ride at the ocean or in the mountains without having to rejet. The FI and E-start are awesome :thumbsup:

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That's the swimming hole. It looks fantastic. You didn't even hit the water!?

Nobody was there! Wow! :thumbsup:

Well, lets choke down some dust :thumbsup: and see if we still stay out of the water.

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