Cam chain ?

Doing my winter tear down, reshimmed the valves ( a little tight). The cams have three punch marks on the gear. Per the manual at TDC the lobes point out and the punch marks are at 9, 12, and 3 o'clock. To be safe I installed a new cam chain, the old one had stretched approx. 1/4 to 1/2 inch. All gears look good. The cam punch marks do not line up exactly parallel at 9&3 o'clock. With WR timing intake is a little clockwise of parallel and exhaust a little counterclockwise. I went to YZ timing so both are now clockwise. So the question, is this OK, have you experienced the same? Are the gears and the cams a single piece or can they be adjusted? Thank you.

The more I think about this the only possible problem would be if the cam gear on the crankshaft has turned. It looks like the gear is a permanent part of the crank. Can anyone confirm this?

TC if it helps I noticed the cams were not exactly 9 and 3 o'clock, when I adjusted my valves too. I don't really recall which was clockwise and which counterclockwise but I just put them back the same way, but they were a little off as you mentioned.

Replaced yr cam chain? How many hours you got on that motor?


Thanks for the reply. Once the cams are out the chain is approx. a 30 minute project. Pop off the flywheel and stator and it drops right out, with some coaxing. Chain was $32.00 so I decided to be done with it since the top was off. Sure wish spring would show up so I could ride.

cam chain drive gear is a permanent part of the crank.. have mine apart right now replacing the chain and guides...

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