Acerbis or UFO?

I'm getting ready to drop the hammer on a set of black plastic. I'm not concerned with scratches. I'll be scratching it up plenty on the trail.:thumbsup: Which way should I go?

i've been told by my two local shops the accerbis ones are marginally better, but not personal experiance

I think either way you can't go wrong.

I just bought a set of plastics, went Acerbis, but had to go UFO for lower fork guards. Can't tell the difference in quality myself.

Funny though, bike shop preferred UFO over Acerbis..

I'd go with whoever is the cheapest :thumbsup:

ufo is a little cheaper

I've had fitment issues with ufo airbox cover + numberplate. So i would choose Acerbis.

my ufo ones fit better than my buddies acerbis. i used a acerbis front motard fender though the ufo one is ugly

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