Just arrived, ready for installing

Here's my new gain of Power for my Aussie E model.

Big Bore and Stroker kit from Eddie!




Should I be worried with this, the hole on the right has some slight chips on the outside some weird stuff insed on the top of the hole?


no problems there ... enjoy the power !!

should not be an issue. There are no combustion chamber pressures there. Just oil sealing duties. The gasket will work just fine with that spacer.

Cool good to know.

It's interesting as it doesn't look much bigger, as I believe it's a 4mm bore and the plate is about the same and adds an extra 70cc... !

Comparing to my Stock Cylinder, the BB version has Z598 marked on it and also E-4

Compared to my original it doesn't have these, any takes on what these stand for?

Maybe E-4 means e-400 model?

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