adjusting Suspension

Im looking at adjusting my suspension, im 6'0 about 155. my settings are stock as the bike was when i bought it.

anyone have advise for settings? im not looking to replace my springs at the moment if i can help it(cash flow :thumbsup: ) but i want to improve the way my bike feels on the track if that can be done with clicker settings ?

Change your fork oil - use some Maxima Racing 5 wt fork fluid. Will cost you a little over a bottle of it. That will improve upon the forks. Specially if your fluid has a lot of hours on it. If you can, also change out the shock oil.

Fresh fluids will help out the suspension. Other than that dial the sag and clickers.

Also check the MX magazines for your specific bike test. They usually will put their recommended settings in there. Go to, or, and see if there is any info that can help you there. Good luck

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